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In Web Design and Online Marketing


Digital Brand Development

Including in the process: Branding Strategy, Brand Understanding, Identity, Competitor Analysis, Audience profiling, Logo Design, Animated Logo Design.

Website Design and Website Re-design

Including: Beautiful and High-end website design (using a wide and global accessibility standard not only suitable for non-mobile devices but also for mobile devices such as iphones, ipads, blackberrys and other smartphones), Microsite Design, Blog Design, Creation of Web Theme Design, Web Applications, Flash Design, Creation of Interactive and Animated Websites Based also in Flash, Website Design, Programming and Implementation of High-quality Websites, Web Development, Database Solutions, Content Management Solutions, CRM Implementation.

Online Marketing

Including: Online Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), SEO, SEO Managing, eMailing planning and strategy, Website Copywriting, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising Managing, eCommerce Platform, Web Analytics.

More Digital Design Works

Including: Rich Media Campaigns, Digital Design & Communications, Online and Offline Multimedia Presentation Design, Storyboarding, Illustrations, Animations, Creation of content for Catalog Design, eMailing design, eBrochure Design and eFlyer Design.